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This is not an IC mailbox for Peter. This is a means for contacting me (Peter's player) for plotting, questions, concerns or other out of character things! Comments are screened.
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How's my driving? Let me know. You can leave suggestions, concrit and questions here. I want to make sure I'm doing Peter justice and the only way I can do that is to hear when I'm not doing him justice and how to get better.

Player: Kristi
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You can also leave a comment here or PM me for plotting, questions, whatever you like.


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CHARACTER CANON: The Amazing Spider-man (2012 film)

This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character) activity.

Slowtagging: Absolutely. My speed varies depending on my real life and I know others does as well. Slowtagging is very appreciated.
Canon-puncturing: Yes to a degree. In his canon, Spider-man is a public vigilante wanted by the police. There is graffiti depicting Spider-man's symbol as well as indie tee shirts being made. However, Spider-man's identity is not known. Please respect this in game. Thank you.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): NA I'm fairly hard to squick out in general.

This is the permissions list for IC (in-character) activity.

Hugging this character: Please!
Kissing this character: Sure! Awkwardness will abound and that's always welcome.
Flirting with this character: Yup! Ditto for the awkwardness
Fighting with this character: Sure, however he is super powered so I'd appreciate some sort of contact between players beforehand either through dropboxes, plurk, aim or email.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): I'm all for injuring him to the point of pretty bad. I don't want him dead or unable to recover, but hurting him badly is okay, just see the note above about contacting me first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes and if you'll let me know in the tag or via the dropbox/plurk/aim/email that you want to read his mind, I'll give you things in his narration to 'read'.

General Warnings: Note that Peter will be in the hotel both as Spider-man and as Peter Parker. I will note in his post if he's in costume. If he is in costume, unless he has told your character in game that he is spider-man (lots of CR required for this) please do not reveal his identity or that your character knows his identity. Thank you.


Let's work out specific godmodding bits, but feel free to note that your character has seen him about the hotel either in costume or as Peter Parker. However, please note that as far as characters are concerned those are 2 different people and not Peter Parker in a costume. General sorts of things he'll be doing is fidgeting with tech, skateboarding and eating. A lot.
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London was kind of amazing. It was expensive, but it was amazing. He and Gwen had a flat that was tiny even by NYC standards, but it was blocks from Oxford and it belonged to them. Gwen had dived head first into the program at Oxford like she'd been born to it. Peter had applied to the University of London for the fall semester and filled out forms for a dozen different scholarships, but he'd yet to hear back. While school was currently an up-in-the-air situation for him, he'd been lucky that work wasn't. It turned out that tabloids and newspapers needed photographs taken all over the world. He'd also put some fliers up offering to take wedding photos as well. So far, it was enough to get by.

Another universal, as he'd suspected, was crime. The nice thing about crime in London was that none of the criminals had guns. They also didn't seem to be rejects from Oscorp's test labs. That was a pleasant (and safe) change. He knew that it might always be the status quo, but for the moment, he was going to enjoy it.

It was late at night when Peter finished up patrol. He changed out of his suit in a 'loo' then dashed by the grocer to grab some milk and some of the chocolate dipped biscuits that Gwen loved. With those both snugly in his backpack, he rode the tube back to their apartment and took the stairs to their floor. He was learning to appreciate the normalcy that this place afforded the both of them. After nearly losing her in New York City, he'd take all the normalcy he could get as long as one Gwen Stacy was included in that normalcy. He unlocked the door and shouldered his way inside.

"I'm home!" he said it a bit quieter than usual just in case Gwen had fallen asleep over her homework. Again.
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Peter would be lying between his teeth if he said he had't jumped at the chance to go to Hogwarts. In fact, he'd almost plunged through the door without though, pausing at the last moment to consider that Dawn would love this. There had actually been a conversation while they'd been looking for libraries at one point about doors and which ones they'd like to find. Hogwarts might have come up.

After a quick trip to find Dawn and a breathless run back to the door (fearful that it would disappear), they'd leaped through the door, hands clasped tightly and arrived just in time for new arrivals. Somehow, they were taking the place of two Ravenclaws. They'd found trunks with books, wands, potions and all the necessary tools for a year at Hogwarts.

They'd even had friends. Friends who had looked at them oddly but who had accepted the excuse built around a trip to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. Peter had even had an owl who refused to listen to him half the time, but that wasn't the point. He had an owl.

Settling into Hogwarts was going to prove surprisingly easy.

Peter Parker